Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Hot Heat

Jalapeño Birthday - w4m - 26

We were sitting at adjacent tables and you gave me a jalapeño pepper for my birthday. It was not actually my birthday nor was it actually a jalapeño pepper (our waiter said it was a Serrano), but it was still a nice thought.

Maybe next time we can sit at the same table?



From: Jalapeño Dude
To: Alex
Subject: Jalapeño Birthday


One of my associates brought this to my attention today.

I was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and I promised to get you a better present next year. My promise still holds.

what a strange universe.

- ******


sasha said...

nothing like a birthday pepper from a cute boy to spice things up!

ok that was a stretch.

Alex said...

You know, I always say that.

Frankie said...

(alternate pun)
(don't say "peno")

Clearly, a response is necessary. It's unlikely that this is a Case of Mistaken Identity as so many of our misadventures are. You can feel secure in the knowledge that he already thinks you're cute enough to gift with a jalapeno.