Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ponytail 2.0 & How I Will Soon Be Forced to Frequent Another Gym

Crunch - 2:30pm -Modelesque Man who loves himself a Saturday workout - w4m - 25

you: tall, dark, handsome, with the bone structure of a Greek God and (yes definitely- a ponytail)
me: long blonde hair up with many a headband, black workout pants, pink & grey tennis shoes, with a serious staring problem

This is not the first time I've seen you at the gym on a Saturday afternoon. This is not even the second or third time. I have seen you on so many occasions at this exact time, that I now make it a point to come to the gym on Saturday afternoons whenever I can. Today when I walked in, I didn't see you right away. Then as I made my way over to a machine, I suddenly saw your glorious face right in front of me and we locked eyes. As you passed by, I thought your expression was one of recognition, but it was such a brief moment that I'm not sure. I have thought about writing a missed connection for you so many times, that now actually doing it, I am not even sure what to say. You. Are. Perfection. Literally everything about you is gorgeous. From the way you walk back and forth to the water fountain, to the way you lift yourself up on that pull-up machine, to your many, many crunches (oh those abs!), to the way you sit on the bench between sets almost as if brooding about something important....something deep. I could stare at you for hours...and typically I do (when I time it right!). I don't know what to say to you. You make me nervous and giddy.
Sometimes I feel like you are looking at me too, in the moments when I look away to catch my breath. Either you're looking back to check me out too...or you're contemplating a restraining order. Either way, we should probably talk.

To the fellow MC bloggers and readers- what do you suggest I do? I am seriously into the idea of talking to this guy, but am so nervous about approaching someone at the gym (please see ponytail saga of 2007 for my highlights with gym "romances"). I could ask him for some workout tips, but I am just not sure. Also, can someone this beautiful be straight? Questions, comments. Please refer to the comment section, also known as my version of therapy.


Russell said...

Fortune favors the brave! Asking for workout tips is a good start.

sasha said...

thank you for the encouragement! you're right- why not approach him? i mean there are a lot of things i don't know how to use in the weight area and why ask a trainer or staff member, when there's an obviously well-trained hottie on the floor?

sasha said...

also less than 24 hours since i posted this and already 3 responses- none of which are from my gym crush and none of which helpful...or even thoughtful really.

may 17, 9:39 pm:
he sounds gay

may 17, 10:04 pm:
Did the guy ever emailed you? Do you think he will ever email you?

may 18, 1:49 pm:
a guy in a ponytail? what is this, a biker bar?

***thank you fellow new yorkers for taking time out of your day to read my post, then deciding it was worth a response and emailing your random thoughts!***

Anonymous said...

the straight question is a tough one... but if you talk to him, that most certainly will help you figure that out! =)

Rox said...

I had a similar thing happen with a Muaythai instructor a few years back, and I never managed to get brave enough to actually do more than just keep flirting, which kinda sucked.

I have however shamelessly asked for help from hot guys in class or at gym, and it's always helped. That way he feels like he's imparting all his wisdom and helping a hot chick in need, and as a bonus you get to oggle him properly close up, and chat to him.

It's a win-win situation really.

P.S. These days you can't tell the metrosexuals from the gay boys anyway, so he's just as likely to be straight but groomed. :-)

sasha said...

these are all good points! i can't believe i didn't consider the up-close oggling as an added benefit of approaching him. i will do it next time!

and don't worry- you will all be updated...obviously.