Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mama said, "There'd be days like this."

Question: When is it acceptable to berate a long-distance sort of semi-penpal whom you met through a random missed connection that was obviously not even intended for you and haven't talked to in over 2 1/2 months?


Answer: Never.

Never people.

Perhaps you all (don't) remember the strange boy who contacted me after I posted an MC for a very cute guy at The Shins concert? The guy who does not live in NYC but must randomly look through the MC's for fun and just CANNOT for whatever reason get over the kitchy-cute humor of the phrase "cutie with a beanie"..... Yeah that guy.

Well we had a civil back and forth correspondence for a few weeks but it fizzled out. I'm sorry, to say it "fizzled out" is incorrect because this implies there was something there to begin with. I just didn't respond back to ONE email and he never wrote back. I thought he wasn't feeling it either, so we were cool. However when glancing at my email the other day, I saw a new message from him. It was short and to the point:

To: Me
From: Weirdo Guy who I have not talked to in almost 3 MONTHS

"I'm really surprised. I'm usually a very good judge of character.
You didn't strike me as someone who would just blow off our correspondence."
Seriously? This is obviously not worth the time to respond to, because what would be the point? - except to clear my conscious ("No I've just been really busy. I'm a good person, I swear! Let's have some more meaningless banter about NOTHING!"). Besides he clearly needs to learn that ever so important life-lesson:

Appearing bitter and kind of angry with someone you haven't even met and only shared a few short (and awkward) emails with = not a turn on

Learn it. Live it. People.


michael said...

If this helps at all, you're totally right, and he's being a dumbass.

Frankie said...

I just re-read the "cutie with a beanie" comment thread - I forgot how truly bizarre it was.

Alex said...

Maaaan. It's a sad, sad world when you run out of real life people to be mad at and have to start being mad at fake internet people. Get a grip, Beanie!

Alex said...

p.s. Obvi no response is needed. Detag that shit!

sasha said...

@ michael: thank you.

@ frankie: and i didn't even post every weird (virtual) interaction we had!

@ alex: so true. and good use of the term "detag!"