Monday, March 3, 2008

bacardi silver dude at girls' night out

look...i'm sorry.

i'm really sorry you had to work as a bartender at the bacardi silver booth at the awful conglomeration of vendors and women that was shecky's girls' night out. i literally cannot imagine what it would have been like for you. hundreds of women demanding free jolly rancher-flavored drinks? it must have been ridiculous.

but when my friends were trying on many t-shirts at the booth across the way at the end of the night, i saw you bust a move a little bit. so maybe it wasn't so bad.

plus i'm sure you made some cash, though, at least, right? maybe you can buy another sweet-ass straw fedora that made you look so cute. i should have written my number on the dollar i put in your tip jar. someone else probably tried that, though. damn.


sasha said...

this is very cute. although when i first read it, i'm not gonna lie- i was hoping there would be hot dogs.

make of that what you will.

sasha said...

ok i meant to post that under frankie's mc, but now that i'm here- that boy was totes cute!

next time let your friends slip your number in a dollar bill like a hard-core mc'er...or at least a map to your bedroom.

thanks alex.

Alex said...

Straw fedora?! Too suave to be real! Want it!