Thursday, March 6, 2008

sexy, sexy fractals

first, i noticed your cool, brown, long-underwear looking shirt that was just retro enough.

then, i saw that you were very cute and had unkempt brown hair under your baseball cap.

then - and this was the kicker - i saw that you were reading a magazine article about benoit mandelbrot. swoon!

you got off the train at union square. why, oh why, is my office in soho?


sasha said...

advice: next time- just start franticly writing in your notebook saying "oh this theorem! why do you taunt me so?" but in like a sexy way- not crazy. i think that would get his attention.

or just find a job in union square.

olivia said...

re: Sasha's advice

That was seriously the most adorable advice I have ever read in my entire life!