Monday, March 3, 2008

dog in a bag

we both got off the L at graham, and you were carrying your dog in a tote bag with her name on it. you and she were both very cute. i wanted to say hello, but she was being sassy when you were trying to let her roam free after the train ride. next time, can i pet her?


sasha said...

please see comment #1 under "bacardi silver dude at girls' night out"

thank you.

Alex said...

Gay or Europ--?

No, probably just gay.

Frankie said...

the dog was totally a straight dude's dog - a medium-sized mutt of some kind.

Alex said...

Oh, I was totally picturing a teacup peek-a-poo with a diamond-studded collar. Detag that image!

(Sorry, I'm getting carried away with the detag. Detag that last usage!)

sasha said...

be careful- you don't want to ever have to detag the "detag."

also- thank god for mutts. otherwise how else would we know the gays from the straights? we need better signs people.