Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Probably Don't Even Play the Kazoo

Lord knows we've had our fair share of cases of mistaken identity around the blog, but usually in those cases, the respondent says something like "this could be me," while probably knowing full well it's not, or something like "this isn't for me, but I liked your post," or just act generally like a crazy person.

But this may be an unprecedented situation. Someone responded with FULL CONFIDENCE that my post was directed at him. I'm pretty sure it's a scam, but then, I think everything is a scam, pretty much.

The thing about this one is that it wasn't one of our "I saw you on the train and you had a shirt on" or "You have hair and are a man"-type general posts that could apply to hundreds or possibly thousands of individuals. This was a very specific person at a very specific venue:

Subject: Sunglass-Wearing Ukulele Player at JoCo Concert – m4w – 27

I want to celebrate the First of May with you...all night long.

That was it. The whole post. Either you were playing the ukulele at the concert wearing sunglasses, or you weren't. Simple, right?

I received one response:

Wow, you must mean me!!! Cool. I'm not sure who you are though. Could you send me your picture. This is so cool. I didn't think Missed Connections really worked, but I always read them anyway.

There was a picture attached. Of a dude who was CLEARLY not the ukulele player. (Though as my friend with whom I went to the concert said, "Well, I guess it's possible that it was him. He was wearing the universal disguise. He could have been anyone under those shades. Just be lucky he didn't reveal himself as Brad Pitt; I hear he's kind of a home-wrecker.") That said, the best description of the ukulele player is "hot, tall Israeli army member," maybe like this guy but a little less pretty. The man in the picture might be described as having brown hair and being so boring-looking as to rhgulilrgshAUSGVkagjnadsfgdfgddffhj,,,,,,,,,,,

Sorry. I fell asleep on my keyboard trying to describe him.

I have a couple of issues with this reply.
1. This is so obviously some sort of boilerplate text with no identifying information whatsoever. One would think that a ukulele player would, at the very least, say something about his ukulele.
2. If you're going to reply to an ad that is obviously not meant for you, why include a picture? You're immediately busted! At least make the picture someone hot or interesting.
3. Three exclamation points? Really? It's that exciting?
4. What purpose could this possibly serve? I mean, it's not like he can write me back and be like, "In order to get my phone number, you need to transfer some money via MoneyGram" or something. I mean, I suppose he could, but that doesn't seem likely.

So I wrote him back.

wow, cool! what was the name of that one song you guys played?

It's been a couple of days and no response. Apparently even spammers don't like me.

flickr photo credits: violentz, anarchistsarepretty


Alex said...

This. Is. In. Sane.

sasha said...

i mean to tell you.

it was me at that concert...