Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Feel Like There May Be Other Issues at Play Here

I saw this post today and had to share, in hopes that the reading public may have some light to shed. (a) What is he talking about? and (b) No, seriously, what?

Trying to help a missed connection - m4w - 36
Reply to: *************
Date: 2008-02-26, 8:06PM CST

What do women prefer in shoes when choosing between most expensive, and relaxed fit ?

Because clearly, I'm relaxed fit; and the guys with the shoe accounts seem to get the woman that would otherwise love me.

A lot of difficult choices in the pursuit of harmony; and women clearly have the power to choose the priorities that work best for them.

Us relaxed fit people, are only guilty of loving so deeply, we're basically shy.


Frankie said...

Okay, at first it seems like he's making some sort of shoe/man analogy (and you know I love an analogy), but then I realized that although all the parts of speech are basically there and in the correct order, these are not, in fact, sentences. In English, at least.

Alex said...

Oh, its an analogy! Totally didn't pick up on that. I thought he was literally bemoaning the fact that the ladies don't dig his Payless tennies.

sasha said...


i def. thought it was an analogy at first, but then it just sort of dissipated into nonsense.

i feel like this is just some (probably lame) guy's (definitely lame) attempt at a personals ad. perhaps he is hoping that some "relaxed fit" lady will see this and realize they are soul mates and write him back. this woman could exist but undoubtably-
she be crazy!

ps- i'll give $5 to the lady that writes him back agreeing with this bizarre and possibly unbalanced missed connection!

Nicky said...

it's not zen??