Monday, February 11, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate: A New Year & Our 100th Post!

classic stage company - 7:45 pm -luscious locks & a sparkling smile - w4m - 25

you: long dirty blonde curly hair, controlled scruff, coral corduroys, beautiful eyes & teeth taken from a crest ad
me: long blonde hair, stripped sweater, holding a red wool coat with gigantic buttons

I was sitting on the bench talking with my friend (Bennett) from the show when you sat down next to me. I had already noticed you at the will call. How could I not? (long beautiful hair and bright coral corduroys!) Stunning. After my friend went backstage, you got a call on your cell and took it. I couldn't hear anything you said, thus I couldn't assess the major vitals (single? straight? sex predator?). After you finished, I tried to make a general attempt at conversation- "Are you waiting for a ticket?" (obviously!) "That's cool- Good luck to both of us" (Wow I can really dazzle 'em with excitement). You responded and were nothing but nice, but I was slightly thrown off by the glisten of your smile. We were called up after a brief conversation and both got tickets. Although if you hadn't gotten a ticket (which I thought could happen) I had already thought of a solution- I would give you mine and you would give me your body for 3 hours (a rough approximation of the play's length). Even Steven. This unfortunately wasn't the case. When I went in to be seated in the last few seats in the house, I almost asked the usher if she would "Seat the cute boy with the curls next to me?" but I thought this may be too complicated as seating was very limited and either way would come off as generally creepy. During intermission I caught a glimpse of you in the lobby, but could not think of any reason important enough to push through the infinite number of elderly people in the crowded space, so I kept my distance. At the end of the show, you left and I sat in the lobby to wait for
Bennett. I thought that was the end, but when the main actor came out from backstage, you magically reappeared. Ok actually it still was the end, but I smiled and tried to think of something semi-pertinent to say, but you were with your friend and I didn't want to interrupt. And honestly I still wasn't sure how to interpret the pristine smile and coral corduroys (Is this gay or merely well styled?). I found out later from Bennett in the show, that your from Brooklyn. This explains it. So next time your going to see the new "it" play, email me and we can see it together or at the least we can exchange dental hygiene tips.


TheOtherGuy said...

Wait... so I'm gay AND from brooklyn. what does that make me? Do i have to wear magenta corduroys? Or does one neutralize the other, like multiplying negative numbers together???

Smiles are dangerous. Well kept ones twice as much.

Alex said...

You had me at coral corduroy...

sasha said...

i think they are neutralized like negative numbers (see below equations)

if you live in brooklyn (a helpful guide but not a pure science)

sexy scruff X bright colored pants = straight

bright colored pants X stylish sun glasses
= gay

unfortunate facial hair X indistinguishable band t-shirt from the '80's
= lives in williamsburg

Alex said...

Those equations are right on!

Nicky said...

I am so glad misconnecting in the city is back on! I was discussing with a friend my desire to get back to posting but my lack of furtive glances across the N train. He said that I should wear a loud shirt or outfit to enhance the possibility of misconnecting. His suggestion was a t-shirt that reads " misconnecting ladY #4. But honestly I think that may be a little too honest.. no?

sasha said...

too honest or too obscure?

i mean we're not in the big leagues yet....which is why we need to post.

first come the gay(s) (check), then the teen girls, then the media (ie t-shirts!