Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Casio, I Love You

My newly-made friend and I boarded the train, her wearing a new, free orange coat, and me toting my free Casio SK-1.
"Can you play that?" you said.
"Uh...yeah," I responded, taken aback.
"No, I mean right now."
"Well, there aren't any batteries."
"What size does it need?"
"Double A."
And with that, you produced a package of batteries from your capacious bookbag, a package of gargantuan proportions.*

We tried to make it work. But the wires were too corroded. Blast!
You'll be happy to know that I got it working, even without a soldering gun. (There was, however, jury-rigged stripping of wire with a kitchen shears.)

I heard you gave my friend the rose. That was sweet. Thanks for the story.
Update: I posted this this afternoon, and after a couple hours, got one response:
Hi, how are you doing, this is an amazing story,
I particularly like the irrationally-capitalized "Cute."

*okay, there were 36. Still, it looked like a lot.

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