Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i can see you, so i can only assume you can see me. but i don't think you do see me. you just could. if you wanted to.

from my office - it's temporary - on the 11th floor on the south side of the street, i can see you on (i haven't counted, but i think) the 12th floor on the north side.

just now you stretched. it's morning and you're not quite awake yet. it looked relaxing.

your little office is next to a bigger office. are you his assistant? you're clearly an underling. i'm under the underlings - i'm temporary.

the thing is, we'd probably hate each other. you probably love working in that green-and-glass behemoth. i don't know why i assume that about you; i'd be offended if anyone assumed it about me - it's temporary, remember?

so maybe that's not true. maybe we'd like each other; maybe we'd be best friends. forever. but from my perch on the 11th and yours on the 12th, i can't tell. the glass and asphalt between us makes it difficult. but they're just temporary.


sasha said...

flash him!

wait- sorry, that was immature.

i can totally relate to the cross building mc's. i feel like there's something romantic about them- someone being so close yet so far. or maybe it's just my weird office sex fantasies. either way- it's kinda hot.

Alex said...

I love the "creepy stalker" turn this blog is taking. Bring out the boiled bunnies!


p.s. I think you should make a banner and hang it out of your office window. Companies really like when temps do that.

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

in total agreeance with the banner comment.

Nicky said...

p.s. this is a totally APPROPRIATE use of the internet