Thursday, December 6, 2007

L train...again.

my friend and i were talking about 30 days of night, which she'd seen and i hadn't, so you joined the conversation to posit your opinion that it was the worst movie you'd ever seen. for that, i respect you, and also, you are cute. and yes, we were on the damn L train, and yes, you got off at damn Bedford. maybe next time we can see a movie with some artistic merit.


UPDATE: I got one response since posting this a few hours ago.

I hope you find the boy you seek and live artistically and happily ever after. I'm more of an analytical dude myself. I like movies where people die, and things go BOOM! Your friend may be more my style. I have included a bit about myself below:

  • SM
  • 28 y/o
  • 6'2
  • thin (think runway model-type, yes I use to model)
  • 150 pounds
  • Yorkie owner
  • very metro (although I hate labels)
  • Evanescence is my favorite band
  • I don't own an Xbox 360 or any other video game system
  • I"m well read if Linux, and hacking books count
  • My idea of a good time is going outside and having a snowball fight!
A couple of comments:
- so he's an analytical, action movie-loving, former model who writes code and has snowball fights? got a lot going on there, bucko.
- "yes I use to model" - thanks for a) the confirmation and b) the lack of punctuation
- what's the line between "metro" and "very metro"? price of hair product? height of faux-hawk? skinniness of jeans?
- I like that Xbox is specifically called out.


Nicky said...

ok so much to talk about with this...

A)seriously this must be a joke... NO ONE would ever admit that Evanescence is his favorite band....really in 2007?!?

B)the line between metro and very metro, I think, has less to do with his accessories and more to do with the type of accessories he has for the dog

C) What is the point of him saying that " your friend may be more my style"? Did he imagine that after such a glowing personal description that you were going to pass this along to your friend so she could have a chance with former model??

ps.. I love the tag add ons... brilliant!

Nicky said...

ok, also, 150 lbs at 6'2" is ruff.

Frankie said...

I think your definition of the line between metro and very metro is perfect.

Maybe I will write him back as though I think it's a joke and see what happens.

Frankie said...

Ok, this is what I just responded:

I wasn't sure if you were serious at first, but then I read that Evanescence was your favorite band and I knew that this email a) was a joke or b) somehow traveled through time from a year when people liked Evanescence.

sasha said...

that is an amazing response! if he doesn't respond though i think we can safely say that it was NOT a joke. and that is sad. i mean for him. obviously.

Alex said...

Also, I don't get where HE gets that your friend may be "more his style". You didn't say anything about your friend loving shoot-em-ups. It's like he sees an ad from someone who is clearly not his type and who is looking for someone who is not him and he thinks "Hmmmm... maybe she has a friend she could set me up with!" Brilliant.

sasha said...

wow i just reread this and I have to say it is funnier the second time! Also I am typing this on my I-phone which is excessive cause I'm at home and my computer is next to me...whatever suckas!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he was hoping your friend was male...?

Frankie said...

ooh, good call, anonymous. that didn't even occur to me. i would have expected him to just say that in the response, but it's a definite possibility.

Emily Sue said...

Yes, he sounds like JUST the guy for me.